December 17, 2012

A Writer's Life - This one is so not about me!

Do you like ETSY? 
Do you love COUPON CODES? 
Then you better read on!

Writers write. Writers read. Writers easily get cold feet when they're not wrapped in a cozy blanket while ... well, writing or reading. We can't have that, can we now?

Personally I've always been one of those people who will layer up in the cold months and then throw a cozy blanket over shoulders or lap, depending on mood and bodily freezing zones. It will not surprise you to learn that I own quite a few blankets, from thin (think cool summer nights) straight to an ice-bear-died-for-that (a polyester bear, so don't look so scandalized).

But you know what? I do have a favorite blankie too. Actually it's the newest one in my collection and it's not just wonderfully soft and warm and perfect to throw over while reading some cozy mysteries ... it also features Boyd's Bears, yay! Wanna take a look? Thought so!


And no, that's not me! I mean I'm not opposed to hibernating during the winter months, but I'm not THAT hairy either! Somehow a "modelling photo" seemed like a perfect idea and well, Queen Elinor volunteered to pose for me.

Now how about a close-up?

Isn't it adorable? And even more so, the blanket is as soft as it looks too!

So, to cut a long story short - I received this lovely blanket from my friend Amy. And guess what? Amy has her own Etsy Shop where she, you may have already guessed, sells such blankets too! And guess again! Amy has no clue that I'm doing this post today *evil grin*.

Anyway. If you or one of your loved ones has a bit of a blanket fetish too, than I suggest you check out Primeau's Purls.

Here are some more teasers for you ...

Amy also makes the loveliest door wreaths. Now what has that got to do with writing or reading you wonder? Usually writers and readers alike live in places that have doors, right? Right.

And last but not least - no matter if you want to finish your Christmas shopping (you should really get a move on then) or pick up something nice for yourself, you'll get 15% off all orders with coupon code MERRY12 - sounds good? Thought so!

Oh and while we're at it - feel free to leave Amy a nice message in the comment section or maybe stop by her Facebook page and show her some love there too!