December 24, 2012

Beware of red-dressed fellows with long white beards!

Wishing you all ...

a) Merry Christmas

b) Happy Holidays

c) Not Another Manic Monday

d) The Wisdom NOT to Take Candy from Strangers (you'll only regret it when you step on that scale when the new year rolls around)

Please check answer(s) that apply to you!


I've decided to take off the next two weeks. Not "take off" as in traveling-to-a-far-away-island-to-soak-up-the-sun ... instead I shall "take off" as in too-lazy-to-do-much-blogwise. There will be the odd post here or there, such as announcing the winner of the Mid-Winter's Eve Blog Hop and a reminder post about the two reading challenges I host, but that'll be it. And with any luck a couple reviews should be posted too (ha, ever the optimist).
See you all again on January 6th!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Birgit.

  2. Happy Holidays and happy moments of rest and relaxation :)