December 2, 2012

Tea & Books Reading Challenge & Giveaway

Let's make this official. I failed. Yes, I'm well aware I've still got FOUR WEEKS to go, but I am honest enough to admit to myself that with several more books for review lined up and my wish to do some holiday reading in the latter part of December, there's not a chance I could squeeze in another chunkster (or two).

Instead of making it to Earl Grey Afficionado (6 books) I "only" managed the Berry Tea Devotee level (4 books) which, obviously, is also quite an achievement. I just really hope no one feels discouraged by this confession and that you will all continue on your own heavy tomes right until the very last minute just so you can say you successfully reached the level you signed up for.

As I already mentioned last time, those of you who devoted themselves to this challenge will now also have the chance to win something. Sounds good? I thought so. All you need to do is go here.

You don't have to fill out that form right away. After all you've still got a month ahead of you to finish that last tome on your plate. Or not. How could I blame anyone for throwing in the towel seeing how I didn't reach my level either. So, if you're done with the whole reading thing, fill out the form and you're all set. In case you need a little more time, just bookmark this post, or the giveaway link, and simply return when you reached your level, or generally when you think you just can't go on much longer. I am not excluding anyone who did not reach their chosen level. As long as you finished at least one book you may enter the giveaway. Consider it a Christmas present!

General rules: Anyone who's on the sign-up list for the challenge may enter the giveaway. You don't need to follow my blog though, as always, it is very much appreciated if you do. And of course it's open worldwide too. Last day to enter will be January 6th.

Of course this isn't the end either. There are still tomes hiding in my piles of unread books and you probably already know what that means! Another Tea & Books Reading Challenge in 2013, yay! This time the rules a bit less strict and I even reduced the mandatory pages. For more details head over to the sign-up post!

And now, go away and read!


  1. Awww. There's always next year! I'm a book away from reaching my goal for this challenge (I think). I'm pretty sure that the second finals are over, I'll read a really thick book. I can't wait to check out the rules for next year!

    1. If it's any comfort, I didn't reach my level either, but you know what? As long as you've read ONE tome you may still enter the giveaway!

    2. I finished my level a few days ago. :) I'll try to reach a higher level in 2013.

  2. Great incentive for reading a big tome like A Suitable Boy, thanks for hosting the challenge and the giveaways!

  3. I didn't meet my target either - the Earl Grey Afficionado, but I did manage 3 books. I'm aiming for 4 next year, but hope to do better. Thanks for hosting and the encouragement.

    My blog is here.

  4. I finished all 6 books! Thanks for hosting this challenge without the incentive of which I would never have finished Bleak House.

  5. I failed miserably. I could not read any of the fat books :-( Of course, in the beginning I felt I would but as you said, with review copies piling up, I had to make way for them. Hope to do better this year.