December 9, 2012

The Postman Files - Just call me book hoarder!

You know what they say ... a picture speaks more than a thousand words. And apparently, this rings true in every sense of the way. In my defense I'd like to add that these are all the books which I ordered at AwesomeBooks over the course of the last three weeks and I've decided to wait for all of them to arrive before presenting my haul. That said, let's take a look, shall we?

A Big Little Life (Dean Koontz)
Cell (Stephen King)
Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater)
Zombie Blondes (Brian James)

The Lies That Bind (Kate Carlisle)
Murder Under Cover (Kate Carlisle)
Blood Orange Brewing (Laura Childs)
Dragonwell Dead (Laura Childs)
The Silver Needle Murder (Laura Childs)
Oolong Dead (Laura Childs)
Through the Grinder (Cleo Coyle)
Espresso Shot (Cleo Coyle)
A Killing in Antiques (Mary Moody)

Yep, you could say I'm on a bit of a cozy mystery roll right now! And I already know who's going to inherit some of those when I'm done with them *wink*.

Circle Spinner and Other Tales (Elizabeth Baxter)


  1. Wow - I am loving the look of those cosy mysteries... they seem to be a genre I keep buying but don't get around to reading as often as I'd like!
    Oh, and I loved Cell - it's a faster paced Stephen King which makes a nice change! :-)

  2. cosy mysteries...not a genre i'm familiar with so i can't wait to see your opinion on those

  3. Cosy mysteries are one of my go-to genres. I just love them. I especially LOVE the Cleo Coyle books. They are just fab. I could ramble on about how great, amazing, wonderful, entertaining they are but instead I will just beg you to read them as soon as humanly possible and tell me how you liked them. :)

  4. Oo, Birgit, that was very moderate hoarding ;))) I'm sure you'll read all these in no time! Have a love day and enjoy all your books!

  5. Well, well, well, I can already see the gods' messenger arriving at my doorstep, :). Lovely haul indeed. I am pleased to say that I even have read one of them, now you are speechless, eh? I did read Shiver but never made it to the sequels.

  6. Amazing haul, I am not too keen on the new cover for Shiver. Enjoy all your reads.

    Check out my haul