December 9, 2012

The Reading Files - Elementary, my dear Watson!

Time to get a bit of non fiction on my book plate, wouldn't you agree? Let's call it practice for next year's This isn't Fiction Reading Challenge!

The Scientific Sherlock Holmes (James O'Brien)

Thoughts. Time to get out the magnifying glass. While it may look as though this book focuses on Sherlock's scientific tools of deduction, the book also offers a brief introduction to characters, influences, and stories themselves. Good idea, yet a misleading title.

Conversation starter. Sherlock Holmes knew more chemistry than any other science. In fact his knowledge of the other sciences is often describes as anything from feeble to variable and limited by Watson.

Verdict. The little book of Sherlock trivia!

The Tinkerers (Alec Foege)

Thoughts. Apparently the author and I have a completely different understanding about what tinkering means. A promising introduction is followed by, more or less, inventing things, and while this is certainly interesting it's not what I expected. At all.

Lesson learned. Benjamin Franklin is often remembered as America's first tinkerer.

Verdict. Manifest for reviving the American tinkering spirit!

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  1. Speaking of Sherlock, there's a tv series named "Elementary" which is quite good :)