December 14, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Let's talk ... preferences!

Stephanie B. asks, "Do you ever read fiction?" Amy marvels, "Why do you prefer non-fiction to fiction?" and Veronica W. wants to know, "Do you enjoy non-fiction just as much as fiction?" These and similar questions popped up quite a few times in my survey.

Don't let my soft spot for non fiction fool you. Last year I read exactly 46 non fiction books. Keep in mind that I read a lot and those 46 books translate into roughly 30% non fiction vs 70% fiction.

So, yes, I do read fiction, in fact, quite a lot of it too. I realize this might not be all too obvious seeing the emphasis of non fiction on my blog, but if you keep an eye on my mini reviews in The Reading Files each Sunday, you'll see that I love them all. Fiction and non fiction and the elusive I-can't-believe-this-isn't-fiction books too.

In a way the two complement each other and this is what I like about reading both. One day I might read a gripping science fiction novel and the next I sink my teeth into a book on astrophysics. Never hurts to get an idea about the universe and see all the (im)possible things implemented in fiction from a different perspective. That doesn't mean I'd pass judgment on fiction going where no scientist has gone before, on the contrary, I think it's great when facts and fiction merge, paving the way for the actual story. Besides, just as life can often be stranger than fiction, you'd be surprised what science is already capable of these days which even fiction authors don't yet dream about.

It is understandable though that you'd get the impression of me preferring non fiction. Then again, this is just a focus here on my blog and doesn't mean I like one more than the other.

And keep in mind that also many bloggers who review fiction often specialize in certain genres which doesn't necessarily mean they are never ever reading books from other genres. Some of us like to share the love for one or two particular, usually favorite, genres on our blogs, while other bloggers take a more eclectic approach and review a broad variety of books. I started out as "mostly" non fiction reviewer, with maybe 25% of fiction thrown in for good measure, and since last July I am solely reviewing non fiction on my blog. Why? Not just because I love non fiction, but even more so I felt the book blogging community could use a little bit of non in between all that fiction.


Did you also get the impression that my heart solely belongs to non fiction? Are you surprised that I do read a lot more fiction? How about yourself - how much non fiction do you read compared to fiction?

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  1. Well you do review a whole lot of nonfiction on here, so I can see where people would get that idea :P

    I used to never read nonfiction, but I'm starting to gravitate towards it a little. I just read January First, which wasn't the best written thing in the world, but was interesting. I've also taken to some feminist titles. Not a whole lot, but I'm broadening my horizons a little.

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