December 7, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Recommended Reads #6

I thought long and hard what kind of books I could recommend to you in light of the season and seeing how I did not find Santa's Biography or a Tell-it-All by Rudolph Reindeer, I decided to highlight two books focusing on Christianity. I wouldn't go so far as to claim one is for skeptics while the other is for believers, but rest assured both are equally fascinating ... if the topic itself is down your alley, of course.

God: A Biography (Jack Miles)
Ever thought of God as a literary character? This is exactly the approach Jack Miles takes in his book which - who knew - has even won the Pulitzer prize. Of course one should not go by such awards, however in this case it is well deserved.
This is a thought-provoking and controversial read, absorbing and just utterly brilliant in my opinion. I realize that some might be on the fence about viewing God as merely a character in a book, so this "biography" is certainly not for everyone.

The Case For A Creator (Lee Strobel)
As the subtitle A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God already promises this book focuses on getting as close to proof as one possibly can to the existence of God. If you've ever heard about Intelligent Design, this is basically the key factor here. The author, a former atheist, doubtlessly raises many fascinating questions. His assertions will make you think, though in which direction your thoughts, and beliefs for that matter, will go from there, is entirely up to you.

Who do I recommend these books to?
Those who want to explore God, one way or another.


Have you read either one of these books? If so, I'd love to hear how you found them! And generally, are non fiction books that deal with religion (not just Christianity) something you enjoy? Please share.


  1. Absolutely not! I give all of them a wide berth. That being said, I would consider reading God's memoirs that were published by Simon & Schuster. Why? Because the writer(s) who also tweet under "The Tweet of God" seem to be extremely funny and clever, I love their tweets.

    1. God's Memoirs? How come I haven't heard about that one? I googled for it right away, and yep, that one sounds right up my alley too!

  2. I am always eager to read about love, sex or death, but not about God. These books can be quite mind-altering and I am in a place where I am ok with my God... sort of :))

    1. Who says that books about love, sex or death cannot be mind-altering too? *wink*