January 12, 2013

Pajama Musings - Once I was a blip, but now I have a voice!

Songs have been sung, poems have been written, curses have been cast. Of course it all depends on whether or not you engaged in a little virtual interaction (or not) which leads to the receiving end either singing songs of joy or makes them stumble closer to the abyss of painful defeat. What impact a tiny little comment can have!


Late last year, having followed one of my favorite author blogs out there for literally months, I came to realize that the poor person behind the blog must feel slightly stalked if she risks a glance at her blog stats every now and then. I was nothing more than a silent blip on the map of visitors. A daily blip that originates somewhere in the middle of Europe. A blip that often showed up within minutes of a new post, lingering for a little while, and disappearing into the vastness of the virtual hemisphere without any further trace. Then, one fine December day, all that changed.

Yes, I felt a little funny after such a long time of thoroughly enjoying each and every single blog post, to finally head to that elusive comment section at the end of the post, leaving some wise words (well, sorta), introducing myself and apologizing for reading but never, up til then, commenting.

The end of the story? Blogger happy, me happy, and would you believe it, I inspired a blog post too.

What it all boils down to is the simple fact that I am apparently not the only one who ever got stung by the lazy-commenter-bug. I see that some of you nod in agreement. On one hand we do find time to read blog posts, on the other hand we often don't have another spare minute (or ten) to leave a funny or thoughtful or astonished or [fill in an adjective of choice] comment.

Now how about trying to change this? Baby steps for starters. I have decided to leave at least ten comments on various blogs every day. That might not be a lot in the grand scheme of things, especially seeing how I am following roughly 150 different sites, but it gets those commenting-wheels turning. So, let's call it a bloggish resolution for the new year. Oh, in case you want to join me on my mission of leaving ten comments per day, you can get a head-start if you comment here and now*.

Are you a bit like me - reading posts, but rarely commenting? How many comments do you on average leave on blogs every day? How do you like my plan to comment more this year? Comment away!

*I'm sneaky, aren't I?


  1. It is funny cause this subject has been coming up a lot lately in various groups around me.
    I am a social disaster I love reading stuff or hearing about people but am very very very bad in giving a proper reaction. That is why when I was considering starting a blog I took this whole comment thing into consideration. Knowing I would like it if people would comment on my stuff I realized that it starts by leaving comments on their posts. So when I decided to start my blog I also made the promise to myself that I would make a serious effort reacting on others, starting with replying back when they comment on my posts. The other thing I force myself is to react on at least 10 other people participating in weeklies I joined (and yes I joined them on purpose so I really HAD to make a start commenting) and later on when I found my way in the Google reader I decided I would try to react 10 times a week on other posts like these or reviews.
    The first months I actually copied the link of every post I reacted on to confront myself if I failed. I realized that if I had to write my blog posts last minute I could not come up with texts for comments anymore.
    So the beginning of this year I made a resolution that I have to write my posts in time so I still have some imagination left to write a nice comment on the posts of others.

    So yes I am joining you in your effort to comment more often :)

    1. This topic will pop up every once in a while, because of its relevance for us bloggers. When I started blogging I was oblivious to the whole interaction thing, but I was a fast learner.
      It's just that sometimes I just don't find the time to comment as much as I'd like to, and sometimes it's also plain laziness. But in the end, when I do climb into the commenting-ring it's so totally worth it. After all, I've met some fabulous bloggers along the way, some of which I even consider friends. Can't get much better than that.

  2. I've been trying to visit and comment on new blogs for Bout of Books this week but now I feel like I'm neglecting all my favourite bloggers. You just have to find balance somewhere. I do have a separate folder in my google reader for my favourites and I can concentrate on that a lot easier than the vast sea of other blogs I may have followed at some point.

    1. Finding a balance is certainly not easy, but I try to spread my love evenly across my favorite blogs and those I don't visit all that regularly. I never thought to make a different folder for my favorite blogs though ... good idea, actually!

  3. I'm new to this blogging world and am inspired on so many different levels by the many blogs I'm following. I didn't consider the relevance and importance of commenting until your post today. So thank you. Also thank you for the links to The Writer's Advice. I loved his post on Social Media--a laugh out-loud post with good information too. Laughing and learning at the same time...it doesn't get any better than that. Thanks again.

    1. Little did I know of the importance of commenting when I started out, but I've come a long way since then. And it's the interaction between blogger and reader that makes it so much more fun for both sides.
      Oh and I'm glad I could introduce you to one of my favorite blogs!

  4. Thank you for thi post... it was really inspirational. I can't help but feel a little scared when it comes to commenting on a place I never did before. And I don't know why but I find it harder with book blogs rather than craft blogs. Sometimes it's easier when i found it thanks to a reading challenge for example, because I feel like i have a good reason to be there and I'm not just some suspicious stalker. ~(Oh well I guess that sounded pretty silly)

    But I'll try and make it one of my booky resolutions to comment more on the book blogs I visit!

  5. Love your blog! Sometimes I leave a whole paragraph and I am sure people are seeing all those words and saying ,"Seriously?"
    Other times I leave only a line. I follow a lot of Bloggers, so I try to comment on the blogs as they speak to me. Hopefully the words I say are Cheerful and Loving and that they brighten up the day of the recipient.

  6. I don't know that I'll even attempt 10 comments a day, but I would like to comment more. One of my favorite parts of blogging is starting to feel like I know another blogger after we've interacted a few times :) Good luck with your resolution!