January 15, 2013

Quote Garden - Be kind to the Kindle!

Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.
Stephen Fry

Life without a Kindle is like life without a library nearby.
Franz McLaren

Those aren't books. You can’t hold a computer in your hand like you can a book. A computer does not smell. There are two perfumes to a book. If a book is new, it smells great. If a book is old, it smells even better. It smells like ancient Egypt. A book has got to smell. You have to hold it in your hands and pray to it. You put it in your pocket and you walk with it. And it stays with you forever. But the computer doesn't do that for you. I’m sorry.
Ray Bradbury

It seems to me that anyone whose library consists of a Kindle lying on a table is some sort of bloodless nerd.
Penelope Lively

Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.
Douglas Adams


  1. Well, I love my Kindle more than I love my boyfriend...:DDD

    1. Haha :D I love my kindle as much as I love my bf :D

  2. Ha! I love these quotes (and I love my Kindle). You could add Harper Lee to the "soft pages" loving crowd: "I still plod along with books. Instant information is not for me ... [C]an you imagine curling up in bed to read a computer? ... some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal."

    [This quote is from Lee's 2006 Letter to Oprah featured on Letters of Note; I wrote about it on my blog on October 19, 2012]