January 6, 2013

The Reading Files - Don't save the best for last!

I thought why not start into the new year with a little re-reading? And what would be better suited for this purpose than my favorite trilogy of all-time ...

The Gate of Ivory (Doris Egan)

Thoughts. Take a scoop of fantasy, add a pinch of science fiction, and top it off with a dollop of adventure. Fresh, unique and witty, this is a piece of marvelous story-telling all through the eyes of Theodora, an anthropologist stranded on a planet where magic still exists.

Last line. Thirty-six days. I wouldn't want to make any bets on who would be holding the deck of cards when I finally made it back to Athena.

Verdict. This is the kind of book I wish I had written!

Two-Bit Heroes (Doris Egan)

Thoughts. There is certainly an emphasis on adventure in this one. Think outlaws and romance and Robin Hood, of all things. Oddly enough it was the second book that first brought this trilogy to my attention and I cannot help having a particularly soft spot for the novel because of that.

Random quote. Magic, at its very best and most tame, as every sorcerer wants it, is also at its most dumb. It does what you tell it. It does exactly what you tell it. And it does only what you tell it. I understand a lot of people have died accidental deaths down through the years because of this. (p. 42)

Verdict. An exciting adventure, plain and simple!

Guilt-Edged Ivory (Doris Egan)

Thoughts. Things come full circle in the last book when the focus gets back to family business, all nicely wrapped up in a bit of a murder mystery. Probably the weakest of the trilogy, though the level's been set really high by its predecessors. And yes, I am still in shock that there isn't a fourth book.

First line. Assassinations are so inconvenient.

Verdict. A worthy finale in an amazing trilogy!


You can read an excerpt of the first book here.

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