January 27, 2013

The Reading Files - The one in which I travel through time ...

... just to find out that it was all just a prophetic dream. Or delusion. I tend to mix the two up every now and again.

Can We Travel Through Time? (Michael Brooks)

Thoughts. It's never easy to bridge the gap between being fascinated by a topic and actually understanding the matter. This book manages to do so in a succinct, fun and very accessible way. Conversationally written, and educational too. Slowly easing into physics? This is the way to go.

Conversation starter. Your hand may look solid, but trust me, it isn't. It is mostly made of nothing as the crystal structure of the proteins leave enormous gaps between the tiny atoms.

Verdict. A wonderfully comprehensible lesson in physics!

Paranormality (Richard Wiseman)

Thoughts. We experience the impossible, or so we believe. From the psychology of suggestion straight to finding patterns in coincidence this book explains the how and why behind our tendency to be drawn to the supernatural. After reading this you'll never look at the Quija board the same way again.

Lesson learned. Want to learn how to give a psychic reading? Acquaint yourself with flattery, double-headed statements, ambiguous comments, fishing and forking, and predicting the likely. This fakery is also known as "cold reading".

Verdict. A light yet insightful read on the science behind the supernatural!

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