February 2, 2013

Pajama Musings - I need a curse for that!

How I wish these where the olden days when you could end up in the pillory for even casting a slightly-too-interested-at-that-key-lock kind of look at a book. Key-lock? Why, of course!

To keep thieves at bay, especially the lot who weren't easily scared off by a wee book curse, books were often chained into place too. Book curse? Didn't always work then, probably won't work now either, but wouldn't it be nice if it would?

I'm thinking eBook piracy.

I'm even thinking book abuse.


I guess the lack of faith (or rather fear) won't really make this workable, but wouldn't it be nice if it indeed worked its magic charm? If it were both a widely-employed and effective method, folks would think twice about downloading a pirated copy of a book or they'd refrain from even just minor misdemeanors such as breaking a book-spine too violently.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I am all for the idea behind this. Not as though it would actually work, but like I said, it'd be neat if it did. And seeing how there are still people who are superstitious about dark-haired cats approaching from the wrong side of the street this might just do the trick after all. In some cases anyway.

Now you probably wonder what brought this whole book curse theme along? Let's just say I've seen too many brutally abused books and I feel it's time to punish the offenders.

I've seen books with torn out pages. 

I've seen books with burn holes in them. 

One might argue that I shouldn't keep on buying used books. Good point, but that doesn't make it right. So, to get back to the beginning ... I need a curse for that! Not just the kind of hot blooded curse that usually escapes my lips when I see the damage that's been done to a book. I need a real book curse.

Now, I am not that good with rhymes and such, but if one of my dear readers could help me out, composing a little curse-verse, please, be my guest and share!


  1. Your blog is all different looking! Thought I'd accidentally clciked the wrong link in my reader. Very minimalistic :)

    Can't help with the curse. I fidn swearing covers all my needs ;)

    1. What would the blogging life be without some changes every now and then, eh?

      And why haven't I thought of swearing? Maybe if we put it in rhyme ...