February 3, 2013

The Postman Files - January Haul

Those of you who started wondering whether my postman went on strike or something, well, he did not. I received only a few books in January and decided to present them all in one haul at the end of the month. As I'm currently on a mission to battle those TBR piles, which consequently rules out any spontaneous splurges in bookshops, I will probably stick to these monthly posts from now on. That said, let's take a look at what rolled in.

Im Herzen Wiens (Erich Vorrath)

Solstice (Donna Burgess)

Bought for Kindle
New Moon Summer, Blood Moon Harvest, Moon of the Terrible, Red Rose Moon (The Cain Chronicles: Episodes 1-4) (SM Reine)
Darkmoon (The Cain Chronicles 5) (SM Reine)

I must say, I'm very proud of myself for only buying two books this month. Don't give me that look. It's only two, I swear. The first is admittedly a collection of the first four novellas in the series, but it counts as one book. You hear me? One. 

And, finally, some books for review too. After all, I had already read and reviewed all my NetGalley books by the end of 2012, so it was time to send out a handful of requests, some of which have already been approved.

For Review
A Slap in the Face (William B. Irvine)
Vivid and Continuous (John McNally)
Why We Write (Meredith Maran, Ed.)
from NetGalley


  1. You are so well behaved. I *say* I'm cutting down on BUYING books and then I get loads by other means (everything other than stealing). *hangs head in shame*

    1. I might behave now, but ... you see, this is like eating sweets. You go without eating chocolate for a month, then you think you could spoil yourself with a piece and the whole story ends with scoffing up the whole box. Same is true for book buying.
      I am glad to hear though that you haven't resorted to stealing. You'd be greatly missed ... unless they let you blog from prison! ;-)

  2. Well done, Birgit!!! Four novellas definitely count as one book in my opinion :) By the way, I am still freaked out by the new design. I keep expecting brown when I click on your blog (you know, old dog, new tricks...) :)) Enjoy all your reads, darling!

    1. Just the kind of confirmation I was looking for!

      Freaked out? You must be the first who feels that way, then again, everyone else might have just run away scared to death when they saw the new design, hahaha!

  3. Nice haul, Birgit. You are behaving very well.