March 31, 2013

The Reading Files - The one where I read the back of a Mac & Cheese package ...

After the previous weeks' reading fast I figured why not make it a two-week vacation? Instead of sticking my nose into books I indulged in some sitcom marathons. That gave both my higher brain functions and my upper arm muscles some time to relax. Of course, I am now already longing for some reading material, so apparently my reading hiatus is as good as over.

As to my regular hiatus I have now decided to be back to business almost as usual by early May. I have thought long and hard about whether to simply resume blogging the way I did before or implement some changes. Long story short, I want to slowly ease back into blogging, but it won't be the daily kind as before. Instead I'll be blogging three times a week which seems like just the right amount of blog posts for the time being. Less pressure than before, but still fun.

See ya soon!

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