March 24, 2013

The Reading Files - Why not go all the way?

When I started my blogging hiatus I was still going strong with diminishing my book stacks, but then I caught myself standing in front of them and couldn't make up my mind about what to read. Granted, that happens to the best of us, but in my case I realized that I simply didn't feel in the mood to read at all. Apparently I needed a bit of a reading break also.

Alas nothing to tell about my adventures in turning pages today. And you know what? I kinda like this absence from the bookish background noise that usually surrounds me. It's a bit like a self-imposed diet and we all know how this is going to end ... I'll be scarfing down chocolate, errr, books again in no time. As for now I'm just going to enjoy my little break from reading.

My blogging hiatus? Suffice to say, it is being thoroughly enjoyed by yours truly!

Any other news? Now that you mention it ... I'll be participating in the Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop (March 29th - April 5th) and admittedly this time the giveaway will be US only, but it will at the same time be legen ... wait for it ... dary! And that is not a Bazinga!

Got you curious? Good.

Now I'm not cruel, so here's a not-so-small hint ...

The prize is being sponsored by lovely Karen from Novel Creations, a shop I presented in last year's Bookish Etsy feature. Did I just hear squeals of excitement? Can't say I blame you.

By the way, if you think you're never gonna win anyway yet you really really want to own your own bookish purse, Karen is now offering 15%-OFF your next purchase in her shop - just use the coupon code GARDEN. This code is valid until further notice!


  1. i'm not curious since it will be uS only ;)

    i do understand you..; i had also a little number o days like that i just didn't feel liking reading ( mostly i think because i reduced my reading list to books i need for challenge so i can't read what i want when i want and i got fed up with that)
    i've started again slowly though^^ so i'm sure you will jump on your books too

  2. What's with us and the lack of a reading mood? :) Anyway, it seems I am slowly back to turning pages...

  3. OOO a US only giveaway. Color me super excited! Of course, I'll have to remember to check my email on vacation so I don't lose my prize. Haha.

    I am coming out of a period of not being in a reading mood. It comes and goes, and I just roll with it.

  4. I do have days where I just watch some films or play a game instead of reading, but mosly I like having a book to read. I feel a bit weird at lunchtimes and bedtimes if I ahven't read at least a few chapters! Although if you're enjoying your break, make the most of it!

  5. I understand perfectly. I was on a scrapbooking hiatus for about two YEARS and now came back with a vengeance. Not saying that you won't read a book for the next 700 days, but you know what I mean. Taking a break is good!