March 3, 2013

THIS ISN'T FICTION Reading Challenge

Welcome to the monthly update post to this challenge! I hope you've had some non-fictiony good reading days, or shall I say weeks? After all, we're two months into the year, so it's high time to pick some books that aren't fiction.

That said, I did not read anything for this challenge *cough* but on the bright(er) side I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that I've already passed the first level in January by reading a whopping six books - in case you're curious, I listed them here. Of course there will be a couple more books which I'll be reading to reach my chosen level, but being off to such a good start how hard can it be to read another 14 books? Did I just hear somebody groan? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

I hope that no one gets the funny idea that my admission of taking a bit of a non-fiction break in February might allow anyone else to laze about this month. Nope, not a chance. I plan to get my non-fiction read on again in March! And so should you.

Next books I plan to read? There are a couple newly approved books from NetGalley and being the non-fiction addict I am there are several other books emphasizing the non in fiction hidden in my TBR stacks too. I think I might throw in something lighthearted like Forever, Erma by Erma Bombeck and A Big Little Life, the canine memoirs of Dean Koontz's retriever Trixie.

Once again a wee reminder that you may still sign up for the challenge and get acquainted with the general rules over HERE.

Updates for the challenge will be posted regularly on Sundays near the end/beginning of a month and the next dates will thus be March 31st, April 28th, June 2nd, and June 30th.

Have you started on reading for this challenge yet? If so, which books have you read so far? If not *shame on you* which books are you planning to read? Please share.


  1. I read one non-fiction book in February, making just 2 for the year so far. It's Wildwood:a Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin.

    Non-fiction takes me longer to read than fiction, so reading two books is good for me. I'm not sure which book I'm going to read next, but I'd like it to be something shorter and less detailed than Wildwood.

  2. I read one non-fiction book in February:

    Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Sterling