April 28, 2013

The Postman Files - April Haul

Remember my vow of not buying more than six books each month? I only bought two in January and none the past two month. Obviously this can't go on any longer. I mean is this a book blog or what? And there is such a thing as taking things a little too ... errr, what's the opposite of far again? Besides, taking the previous months' non-bought books into account, I had now the right to buy 22 books, theoretically anyway. Wouldn't want to waste it all in just a month, would I? So I mightn't have gone all the way in April, but at least I'm not a slacker anymore when it comes to clicking that order button. Yep, it was time to feed the Kindle! Who could blame me with all those gloriously cheap daily deals, especially seeing how they had some interesting non-fiction books on offer too ...

Bought for Kindle (fiction)
Fated (Alyson Noel)

Bought for Kindle (non fiction)
Black Cats & Evil Eyes (Chloe Rhodes)
You Are Not So Smart (David RcRaney)
Orwell's Cough (John Ross)
Writing a Novel and Getting Published for Dummies (George Green and Lizzy Kremer)


  1. Well, no book orders for me this month, but I so looking forward to May, I have Coelho's latest book in English to order and a few more... and since we have a few days off from school due to the Easter Holiday, I know what the Easter Bunny will bring me after I click some buttons next week :) Happy reading!