April 7, 2013

The Reading Files - Back in the saddle!

After a two-weeks reading fast I got back onto the horse, errr, book stacks. And what better way to ride along than through the vast fields of non-fiction.

Vivid & Continuous (John McNally)

Thoughts. If there is one thing this book is not that must be the usual run-of-the-mill kind of dusty tome filled with same-ol' same-ol' advice. Whether gorging on ideas or taking a look from a whole new perspective this is an insightful and encouraging book on mastering the craft. Highly recommended!

Food for thought. Make a long list of minor characters in your life - real people whom you don't know very well - and write a one sentence description beside each name. Are any of these characters worthy of making it into your fiction?
(Exercise from Minor Characters chapter)

Verdict. Wonderfully inspiring writing guide!

Why We Write (Meredith Maran, Ed.)

Thoughts. Just when you think it's clear that writers will write because they cannot not write along comes this wonderful compilation where authors share the many layers of their obsession. A look behind the curtain which is not just for those who write, but for readers too!

Book quote. A lot of my best decisions were made in a state of selfdelusion. When you're trying to create a career as a writer, a little delusional thinking goes a long way.
(Wisdom for Writers by Michael Lewis)

Verdict. Highly personal journey through the writer's mind!

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  1. Hi Birgit! I wanted to stop in an visit you :o) I hope your having a great day...I see you have been quite busy :o) I have been reading a lot of cook books lately...trying to get new ideas for dinners. Enjoy your day sweets! Hugs Jennifer