April 21, 2013

The Reading Files - The one with the potty mouth!

Somehow I didn't manage to get more than one book read this week, but that's ok. Seeing how the book in question supplied with me with plenty new vocabulary, it's been quite a learning process. After all, I had to let all those bad bad words sink in before turning the pages.

Holy Sh*t (Melissa Mohr)

Thoughts. Not a fluffy pop culture kind of read, this turned out to be an absorbing and deep exploration of obscenities and oaths throughout the centuries. Not for the easily offended, but well worth the read for curious history nuts!

Conversation starter. Did you know that the word niggling is unrelated to nigger, but to niggle was a slang word for sexual intercourse in the 19th and 18th centuries?

Verdict. A fascinating journey into the evolution of swearing!


  1. Now this book sounds interesting. I came across a book explaining the possible uses and meaning of the word f**k in college, and I remember it was a blast reading it... or rather exploring it :))

  2. I think I will skip that book. Just finished the "Royal Family" by Theo Aronson. Very informative. He writes historical biographies and they are on Amazon. The prices are still high on his books used. Starting "Jack and Jackie Portrait of an American Marriage" by Christopher Andersen writian in 1996. 375 pages...