April 28, 2013

The Reading Files - Stop insulting me with your praise!

Time to pick up the slack and read more than just a book a week. So, here we have three, one of which, sadly, I couldn't bring myself to finish. Let's say 2 1/4 books then.

A Slap in the Face (William B. Irvine)

Thoughts. Everything you ever wanted to know about insults and their social importance, lots of historical examples, and advice from the Stoics on how to handle insults (in short: ignore them). All in all a quick and interesting read which could have used some tightening up though.

Book quote. "That's not writing, that's typing."
(Truman Capote's assessment of Jack Kerouac's work)

Verdict. A breezy read on all that insults!

Fly By Night (Frances Hardinge)

Thoughts. Good thing I read the second book first (which I totally loved), because its predecessor was quite a let-down despite the flowery trademark writing. The story I strangely didn't care about at all which made me abandon the book after 100 pages.

Random quote. "You tell lies for money."
"Ah. Aha. My child, you have a flawed grasp of the nature of myth-making."

Verdict. Disappointing first novel of an actually amazing author!

Sweetly (Jackson Pearce)

Thoughts. Not many re-tellings beat a good old fairy tale, yet not many are as cleverly devised like Jackson Pearce's books. With a narrative style that is hard to describe, but utterly mesmerizing, Hänsel & Gretel are brought back to life in a world where witches are not quite what they seem.

First line. The book said there was a witch in the woods.

Verdict. A captivating tale with a Grimm-esque twist!

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