May 3, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

Welcome to the first edition of Non-Fiction Discoveries! Even if you're more of a fiction kind of reader you might want to dip into history with my weekly suggestions ...

So you love all those paranormal novels? Why not do a little background reading on what it was really like being a witch in the not-so-good old days.

America Bewitched: The Story of Witchcraft After Salem (Owen Davies)
Publ. March 22nd 2013 - HC
Oxford University Press

Neighbours. Just look out the window or walk down the street for your very own real-life soap-opera. Darn it, one such series was even titled Neighbours!

Cheek by Jowl: A History of Neighbours (Emily Cockayne)
Publ. May 28th 2013 - PB
Vintage Books

Not another mummy tome *chuckles about a joke that actually isn't all that funny and/or unique*. As many documentaries as I've watched I never read anything about good ol' Tut, so why not start now?

The Shadow King: The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut's Mummy (Jo Marchant)
Publ. June 4th 2013 - HC
Da Capo Press


  1. Oh! I might have to check out The Shadow King. I just finished Loot by Sharon Waxman about antiquities and where they're from and repatriation.

    1. Looked up "Loot" on Goodreads and it sounds right up my alley too!

  2. I think I'll have to put "Cheek by Jowl" on my list. I love this new category. It'll be my ruin lol :D

    1. My pleasure! I love discovering new non-fiction books so I figured this would be a great idea for a weekly blog post!