May 24, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

Are you a tightwad? Do you like to throw money out the window? Either way, it's all about the money ...

I usually know the future of the content of my wallet, but its history? That's a new perspective and well worth exploring!

Money: The Unauthorised Biography (Felix Martin)
Publ. June 6th 2013 - HC
Bodley Head

As far as I'm concerned most purchases people make (including myself) aren't the smartest. Still, this book looks like a not-all-that-dumb investment to me!

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending (Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton)
Publ. May 14th 2013 - HC
Simon & Schuster

Ain't that anyone's secret mantra? But seriously, if you skipped the lesson on "smart spending" in economy class, then this might be just the book you need.

More Money, Please: The Financial Secrets You Never Learned in School (Scott Gamm)
Publ. April 30th 2013 - PBK

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