May 12, 2013

The Reading Files - Cozy murders are the best!

Unless of course you're the dead corpse showing up in chapter two ...

A Killing in Antiques (Mary Moody)

Thoughts. Think outdoor antiques show and dead antiques trader in the field nearby. A bit of an unremarkable mystery, yet the fresh and witty narrative captured me right away. Plus I think Lucy St. Elmo might just develop into one of my favorite snooping heroines.

First line. Most treasure hunts are fantasies.

Verdict. A delightful first book of a new series I can't wait to read more of!

The Diva Paints the Town (Krista Davis)

Thoughts. Neighbor dies (of old age) leaving his mansion with a dead body in the basement. While the mystery itself was well executed I admittedly couldn't connect to the characters, the heroine herself being particularly insipid. An average book, yet not a series I plan to follow!

Random quote. "Camille informs me that I'm to furnish this room." He surveyed it with distaste. "Basically a box, isn't it? Good olding at the ceiling, but otherwise, it's architectural milk toast."
(p. 70)

Verdict. Classic who-dunnit with a decorative twist!

Ringing in Murder (Kate Kingsbury)

Thoughts. No peaceful Christmas can be expected when people suddenly die in this Christie-esque mystery set in Britain in the early 20th century. I immediately loved the quaint atmosphere, yet it took me quite a bit to familiarize me with the whole cast. Overall a lovely cozy!

Last words spoken. Happy New Year!

Verdict. A charmingly old-fashioned read!

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  1. You go through books at such speeds, I am SUPER jealous.