May 19, 2013

The Reading Files - Oh ye murders!

Apparently I am on a cozy mystery roll right now. Come to think of it, reading all by myself with no witnesses doesn't make for the best of alibis, now does it?

String of Lies (Mary Ellen Hughes)

Thoughts. Real estate troubles put small town shops in danger, but with a little help of a dead business man all is (almost) well again. Your average mystery without many surprises, yet an enjoyable crafty flair that will make beading-fans happy.

Knitting quote. Perhaps the rapid motion of their fingers acted like some sort of yoga exercise, calming their brains and making leaping to ridiculous conclusions less likely. If so, she'd like to see all of Abbotsville take up knitting.
(p. 111)

Verdict. A light cozy for everyone who likes some crafting to go with it!

Cookie Dough or Die (Virginia Lowell)

Thoughts. As far as themes go in this genre cozies cookie cutters are quite unusual, yet they made for quite a yummy read. A solid mystery with a foreseeable end and, dare I even say this, a pretty annoying little dog. Fluffy (the book, not the canine) and entertaining!

Sleuthing quote. "I'd count it as a personal favor if you wouldn't go all Miss Marple on me."
"You needn't worry," Olivia said.
With a nod, Del opened the door.
"I'm really more the Tuppence Beresford type."
(p. 188)

Verdict. A cookie-licious mystery of the average kind!

Organize Your Corpses (Mary Jane Maffini)

Thoughts. First the client wanted the placed decluttered, then she is found dead underneath the clutter. What's a professional organizer to do? Keep calm and snoop around, of course. A breezy and engaging mystery that certainly stands out amid the mediocre cozies I recently read.

Organizing quote. Don't let junkmail get a toehold in your home. Open your mail over the recycling bin.
(p. 97)

Verdict. A promising first in a series for the organizationally challenged!

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