June 7, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

Instantly recognizable by their bobbed hair and dresses that only work for girls with small hips, I introduce you to the Flapper Girls ...

Ever wondered what life was like for women (almost) a hundred years ago? Flouting social and sexual norms, plus listening to jazz about sums it up.

Up in Lights: The Memoirs of a 1920s Chorus Girl (Marjorie Graham)
Publ. May 23rd 2013 - PBK

And more from the rebellious girls who put the roar into the 20s! The world they lived in, the history that shaped them, wrapped into a multi-biography I'm looking forward to read!

Flappers: Six Women of a Dangerous Generation (Judith Mackrell)
Publ. May 23rd 2013 - HC

On a whole different note ... well, not totally completely different, come to think of it - if you like the Flapper theme you should definitely check out the Flapperdoodle shop on Etsy which offers the cutest illustrations!

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  1. I love the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald and Zelda and all the atmosphere of those times :)