June 21, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

All right, so you're not a believer. Not everyone can be a Mulder when you can be a Scully ...

If that cover doesn't creep you out, the stories about the Yeti and other elusive creatures might just do the trick. And if you don't believe in that kind of thing, why not read it just to train your laugh-muscles?

Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids (Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero)
Publ. August 6th 2013 - HC
Columbia University Press

UFOs have landed on Earth, yet we never landed on the Moon? If I had to pick one to be true, I'd settle for the UFOs ... just joking! Just remember, only because you think you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence (Andy Thomas)
Publ. April 11th 2013 - PBK
Watkins Publishing

So you like to get your paranormal read on? This one isn't of the fictitious variety, but explores haunted places that aren't exactly places you'd want to hang around in with or without ghostly company.

Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums (Jamie Davis)
Publ. September 8th 2013 - PBK
Llewellyn Worldwide

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