June 9, 2013

The Reading Files - And yet more chick-lit to keep me afloat!

Still chewing and digesting my big heavy tome, so I threw in another chick-lit novel to lighten up a bit. Funny how I haven't read anything in this genre for so long, but now I obviously get my groove back.

Leave It to Cleavage (Wendy Wax)

Thoughts. Bad enough that he looks better in her underwear than she does, Mirandas husband leaves her high and dry. Small town setting and likable characters make this an amusing and light read with just a touch of cozy mystery towards the end.

First sentence. Miranda Smith was looking for a stamp when she discovered just how good her husband looked in ladies' lingerie.

Verdict. A fluffy fun chick-lit novel with a bit of a stupid title!


  1. we have moment like that when even our favourite genre doesn't catch our interest ^^ , at the moment i'm feeling more like rereading early tome from favourite series than teh latest release^^

    1. That's true! Some years ago I read chick-lit all the time, then I lost interest, but now it seems to resurface again! Well, I don't think I will reread anything right now with sooo many unread books in my possession, but who knows?