June 30, 2013

The Reading Files - Of buttons and coffee ...

Time to get some cozy mysteries into my system. The first being from a series that was new to me and which positively surprised me, the last being part of a series which, so far, I very much enjoyed, but which, I'm afraid to say, I now find on the slightly annoying side.

Button Holed (Kylie Logan)

Thoughts. It can't be good finding a dead Hollywood star in your button shop, though finding a button where it doesn't belong ignites Josie's investigative skill. As far as themes go, this is as quirky as it can get. A fresh and fun narrative plus a likable cast will make me watch out for more of this series.

Random quote. "And I promise not to talk about buttons," I told him. "If you promise not to talk about murder."
"Oh, I don't know!" Nevin put a hand on my shoulder to usher me down the street. "When it comes to murder ... Josie, I think we finally found something we have in common."
(p. 264)

Verdict. Enjoyable light cozy not just for buttoned up readers!

Roast Mortem (Cleo Coyle)

Thoughts. A coffeehouse goes up in flames, so naturally it couldn't have been a mere accident, not with Clare Cosi around. I liked learning more about Mike's family background, but the coffee-talk is getting out of hand, the plot felt too contrived, and somehow the persistent sleuthing just plain annoyed me.

Random quote. I continued forcing myself to drink the vending machine coffee. About a hundred years ago cowboys used to heat ground coffee in a sock placed in a pot of simmering water. When their campfire coffee was ready, they'd pour it into a tin cup. I'd never tasted boiled cowboy sock coffee, but I was absolutely sure it tasted better than this.
(p. 85)

Verdict. Not the best brew of one of my favorite cozies!

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  1. Your verdicts are funny as always haha :) But I don't think I'm going to read these books. Not really my cup of tea (or coffee)..