July 31, 2013

Beyond the Shelf - In the bedroom ... (Etsy Edition)

Anybody remember my Bookish Etsy feature last summer? It's back, sort of. This time I won't present different shops, but instead focus on sprucing up the home with all kinds of lovingly handmade and, most importantly, bookish stuff from various shops I've discovered. And I will kick off this (short) summer series on the blog with the most important room (at least to my inner reader) of the house ...

A time to sleep, a time to nap, a time to read. 

Copyright of all photos belongs to the respective shop owners!


  1. I love them all :) I saw these days an embroidered painting, quite big, with shelves full of books... I guess that is meant for people who do not have loads of books everywhere...

    1. As wonderful as this sounds, I wouldn't know where to put it either seeing how many shelves are already taking up wall space here. If one day I should live in a big mansion on the other hand ...

  2. I love the pillows! The'd look cool on a big read chair :)