July 5, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

Looking back at the darkest chapter of the 20th century is usually, as far as books go, revolving around personal fates of people, a fate that sometimes comes with pictures and a soundtrack ...

Adolf was big on propaganda movies, but how about the film industry of the time in general? A bit of a neglected area of movie making, not just for fans of old Hollywood films, but history buffs alike.

Hollywood and Hitler, 1933-1939 (Thomas Doherty)
Publ. April 2nd 2013 - HC
Columbia University Press

Straight from the movies to the sonic landscape of WWII this book sounds (pun fully intended) like a fascinating approach to the relevance of music, be it propaganda (again) or simple entertainment, of the time.

Sounds of War: Music in the United States during World War II (Annegret Fauser)
Publ. May 21st 2013 - HC
Oxford University Press

And a less showbiz-y book at good last. Looking into the mind of a Nazi perpetrator, this book offers an intriguing angle, being memoir, treatise, and reportage all wrapped into one.

The Nazi and the Psychiatrist (Jack El-Hai)
Publ. September 10th 2013 - HC
Perseus Books Group

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  1. I actually love the look of The Nazi and The Psychiatrist. This will be a very interesting read or even a movie. I can easily see it as a movie :)