July 26, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

This week's book selection is dedicated to Patricia who loves to get her Civil War read on ...

The general idea of this book? Think of a museum being brought right into your home in shape of a book. And you even get your very own scholarly tour guide to go with it.

The Civil War in 50 Objects (Harold Holzer)
Publ. May 2nd 2013 - HC
Viking Adult

Despite what the cover might suggest this isn't a historic bedtime-story book for kids, but a collection of the most deeply moving stories about Lincoln ever written - for young and old alike!

Abraham Lincoln Civil War Stories: Heartwarming Stories about Our Most Beloved President (Joe Wheeler)
Publ. June 11th - HC
Howard Books

Here we have one of the best know escape stories in American history, which sounds dramatic and adventurous enough to be fiction, yet isn't. Maybe the perfect read for those who usually steer clear from non-fiction?

Junius and Albert's Adventures in the Confederacy: A Civil War Odyssey (Peter Carlson)
Publ. May 28th 2013 - HC
Public Affairs