July 29, 2013

The Curious Reader - Are you reading according to the seasons?

They say some genres go better with cold weather while others are made for the summer heat ...

Are you reading according to the seasons?

I hear that some do and others don't. Picking books to read by the season. At first the whole idea sounded a bit weird to me, but after contemplating this phenomenon for a bit, I realized that it's not all that far fetched. After all, many will read according to their current mood and the weather, which is more often than not related to the seasons, can influence your mood. That being said, the indication for a relationship between reading choices and the calendar is certainly there.

Bring on the romance in the sweltering heat. Hand me a mystery when it's raining outside.

Looking back on the books I read throughout the year I was met with the realization that I am apparently immune to the whole seasonal reading thing. Obviously I'll listen to my mood-meter when it comes to picking a book from my TBR stacks, but I don't really see any connection to the temperatures or what month it is. Granted, I will rather go for a Christmas-themed novel in the cold season, but that's about it.

Still, I was wondering, what kind of genres fit into which season? Are hot and steamy romance novels the perfect choice for hot summer days at the beach? Do cozy mysteries make a suitable read for those days when you stay in, preferably bundled up in a, wait for it, cozy (!) blanket? I can well imagine that this works for some readers, just not for me.

Light reads in summer. Heavy tomes in winter.

Or how about a slightly different angle, one that's not so much about different genres. Winter seems to favor those heavy volumes, in length and content, while summer is cut out for those light and fluffy reads. After all, when it's cold and nasty chances are you have no desire to venture outside anyway, thus those heavy tomes are the perfect fit to fill those long afternoons and evenings. During summer on the other hand, you'll probably be out and about a lot more, thus short books might be more fitting.

So, looking at the books I read in recent months I did at least notice one little thing. There is no apparent pattern when it comes to genres, but I tend to neglect books with higher page-counts when it's warmer. I guess, in my case, the warm months do bring out the short-books-reader in me while cold weather turns this habit upside down.

Come rain or shine, just bring a book, and everything's fine!

Do the seasons influence your reading choices? Will you rather pick light reads in the summer heat and weightier ones when snow is falling? Any preferred genres when it's cold/hot? Or maybe the calendar doesn't affect what you read at all?


  1. not really it's more depending to my mood ( and ok i will probably more christmas book in winter but that's all

  2. Neither seasons nor weather affect my reading choices.

  3. I never thought about it but yes they do! I tend to read light fluffy stuff in summer and I read a lot of crime/murder/horror in winter when the evenings are dark. Weird!

  4. No, I'm not affected by the weather. It sometimes depends on my moods, but that isn't influenced by seasons. I always find this an interesting topic :D


  5. I'm with you - I don't think what I read is influenced much by the season.

  6. I don't. It is more based on my mood. And right now, with all the stress in my life, I just want to read fluff!