July 28, 2013

The Reading Files - Hand me that phone, please!

Granted, I haven't exactly had a lucky hand when it comes to picking books by Mr. King, but I'm not one to give up easily. To be on the safe side I choose a moderately sized novel of roughly 450 pages which, come to think of it, basically qualifies as novella when you keep the length of some of his other books in mind.

Cell (Stephen King)

Thoughts. Things don't look pretty for those who did not get zombified by making a call on their cell phone. Written in his trademark descriptive style, King takes on the zombie myth from a different angle. Gripping all the way through to the heart-stopping end, it left me with too many unanswered questions and the wish for more.

Last words spoken. Hey, Johnny-Gee, fo-fo-you-you.

Verdict. Zombies go science fiction from the Master of Horror!

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