August 2, 2013

Non-Fiction Discoveries

Oh food, how could I resist thee ...

I admit, I'm not much for cookbooks per se, but if you spruce them up with a traveler's tale and a memoir I'm game (and hungry). And let's not forget the "shirt-pocket recipes" which sound easy enough for a "cook" like me!

Biting through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland (Nina Mukerjee Furstenau)
Publ. September 1st 2013 - PBK
University of Iowa Press

Ever felt slightly distraught by food that does not spoil? Processed foods - food science at its best and/or harmful for our health? An investigative journey I'd love to explore!

Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal (Melanie Warner)
Publ. February 26th 2013 - PBK

This culinary journal chronicles a year of "small kitchen celebrations" with more than 250 recipes. I wonder if this book might awaken my passion for salad spinners. Don't laugh, stranger things have happened!

Notes from the Larder: A Kitchen Diary (Nigel Slater)
Publ. September 24th 2013 - HC
Ten Speed Press

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