August 4, 2013

The Reading Files - Brave new reading shelf ...

I decided it's about high time I finally sank my teeth into the many books which I've won over the years and this week I went for some dystopian literature. Having high expectations for both I must say I enjoyed them both, though I am a bit on the fence about the first one as I feel I should have appreciated it more than I actually did ...

The Uninvited (Liz Jensen)

Thoughts. Children killing adults and adults committing suicide. The story is mainly carried by a truly intriguing narrator, though reading has been a trudge for me despite the fascinating premise. Usually I love a subtle kind of horror, but this one does nothing more than meander and peter out at the end without providing any closure.

First line. A seven-year-old girl puts a nail gun to her grandmother's neck and fires.

Verdict. Disturbing yet somewhat slow-going tale of a new tomorrow!

When She Woke (Hillary Jordan)

Thoughts. Hannah is punished for her "crime" of murder (abortion!) by being "chromed" into a "Red". A truly captivating and thought provoking read, the second half couldn't quite hold up to the beginning with subplots never being resolved and some events feeling forced and unnecessary. Nonetheless a must-read for lovers of the genre!

Last line. She woke, and she was herself.

Verdict. Bleak and thoughtful dystopia with minor flaws!

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