September 1, 2013

THIS ISN'T FICTION Reading Challenge

Eight months of reading should have brought as all a huge step closer to our chosen level in this reading challenge. I hope you all agree and that no more than one or two of you are falling into full fledged panic-mode now. Just relax, you've still got four more months ahead of you. On second thought, just because I can sit back and relax doesn't mean you should too!

As for myself, I've read two non fiction books this month - SuperSense (Bruce M. Hood) and Orwell's Cough (John Ross) - which brings my grand total to 22 books. In other words, I already reached the College level back in June, but obviously I'm not being shy about picking up some more books that aren't fiction.

Curious about who is participating in the challenge? Go here.

Updates for the challenge will be posted regularly on Sundays near the end/beginning of a month and the next date will be October 27th (due to my absence in September).

Which non fiction books have you read this month? And most importantly, how far along are you in this challenge? Reached your level? Want to upgrade? Please share.


  1. I've read one non fiction book in August - Agatha Christie at Home by Hilary Macaskill , bringing my total to just 7 so far - still got a few more to get to my target of 15 :) I hope I'll make it.

  2. I should keep this challenge in mind for next year. I read mostly fiction, but I'm branching out a little bit more into nonfiction, and this challenge sounds like a good one to inspire me.

  3. I've been making very slow progress with everything not related to school, unfortunately! But I only signed up for the 5-book level on this challenge, so I'm roughly half-way to my goal, lol. At least I have a lot of non-fiction in my library to choose from.

    I just finished a non-fiction that I received for review, but it's more of an elementary/middle-grade level, so it's not even 60 pages long. ><