September 30, 2013

Writer at Work aka The Indefinite Hiatus

After some careful deliberation I have decided to put my book blogging on the back burner for the foreseeable future. Even if you're only posting a couple times a week, and my fellow bloggers will certainly attest to this, the idea gathering and planning and researching and typing does take more time than most would think. Of course, maybe I'm just really awful at this thing called "time management". As I plan to devote more quality writing time to, well, writing I won't be around the blog much. Obviously I will not be gone completely, but I seriously need to show my inner procrastinator/slacker who's the boss. There are so many unfinished writing projects and yet more new ideas are rolling in all the time, it's downright scary. Suffice to say, I need to get those out of my system before my nightmares become a reality. I kid you not, my stories have literally started haunting me in my sleep. Exciting dreamscape? You bet. Come to think of it, that might make for a great plot idea too ...

That being said, I will post shortish updates on Sundays. Plus, it will also be business as usual with my reading challenges.


  1. Whatever sails your boat, Birgit! :)) Looking forward to your next book!

  2. Oh Brigit, good luck with your writing!! I hope to see you back here in some way soon, you do write interesting posts and book thoughts. But writing is so important too. Have fun, and I hope to see you published one day.