October 6, 2013

The Sunday Book Branch

Welcome to my first edition of what I'd like to think of as Sunday shorties which take a look back onto my week in reading, writing, and other bookish endeavors ...

the reading nook
My trip to the UK had two major consequences - it soothed my wanderlust and it made me fall behind in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. But you see, when I travel, I travel. Period. No books allowed. Ain't nobody got time for that, so to say. So instead of being out and about all day I am now intent on making some page-turning progress and I catapulted myself back into the Great work, you're 1 book (1%) ahead of schedule zone again. My go-to genre of choice? Cozy mysteries. And there's even been a common theme ... can you guess it?

50% Off Murder (Josie Belle) / Shoe Done It (Grace Carroll) / Die Buying (Laura DiSilverio)
the writing desk
Contemplation cleaning my messy desk before getting down to the whole typing business once again showed how perfectly I've got the whole procrastination thing down. But not this time. The thought was there yet I ignored the chaos. Then stuff happened. Like, say, an earthquake. Don't give me that look now. I'm not telling stories (as I should, come to think of it). Of course one might argue that one teeny little earthquake is a lame excuse. It probably is. But it kinda distracted me. I'm pathetic, I know.

the wishing tree
After hurting my shoulder and neck last week, an incident that is too embarrassing to relive here - oh, all right, I was blow-drying my hair and suddenly my muscles cramped up in the most painful way possible *sigh* - I realized that a hot water-bottle just won't cut it. What I needed was The Novel Cure to whip me back in shape. To be honest, I first spotted the book at the British Library during my recent stay in London. Little did I know that my body would now remind me of purchasing a copy in a not so subtle way.

the book hoarder
My mailbox didn't get lucky this week, but I did hit one of the big yearly flea markets in town which is something I am always looking forward to in early October. Contrary to what some might think, I did not splurge too much. Of course, I could have gone for all those semi-interesting books just for the fun (and cheapness) of it, but I behaved and only bought four books. I won't bore you with listing them though as the all are A) non fiction and B) in German. Let's just say I'm very happy with my as-good-as-new hardcover tomes which only cost me a total of six Euros.

the literary mind
I seriously don't get this whole book boyfriend craze some gals have going on. Maybe I'm reading the wrong books, but I've never fallen for a fictional character. As much as I wouldn't mind hanging out with some of the characters I read about, getting all doe-eyed and starting to drool whenever "his" name is being dropped in conversation is just plain ridiculous in my opinion. How about you? Book boyfriends yay or nay?

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