October 13, 2013

The Sunday Book Branch

Days went by, pages got turned, and look ... it started snowing (luckily not in my part of the country)!

the reading nook
When I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll, so it was more cozy mysteries for me this week. I already read one of the books in the Bibliophile Mystery series earlier this year and had three more lined up. Sadly, the more I read of this series the worse it gets. To sum it up - we're talking obnoxious, silly and far too convoluted. Plus, one corpse should be enough, but no, why not kill off half the town folk while we're at it?

the writing desk
Let's not even go there. The closest I got to writing this week was contemplating the philosophy behind Bo's Cafe Life and pinning a couple of inspirational things for the writerly mind. Which I have. Somewhere. Well hidden. Or maybe I lost it. I mean, not as though I lost it *starts to giggle like a maniac* this is more of a misplacement issue. Of course, once I leave the room and retrace my steps I might just remember where I put it. My mind.

the wishing tree
What do you get when a psychologist with a promiscuous mind writes a book? Perv. Apparently we are all sexual deviants on one level or another. Or so the author claims. A challenging topic that might actually shed some light on ... oh, never mind. *wink*

the book hoarder
Something truly awesome sat in my mailbox this week. And it doesn't even have pages, imagine that. Earlier this year there was this Creative Pay It Forward thing going on all over Facebook. Spied it on Debbie Ohi's Facebook page and saved a spot, naturally. And I am absolutely delighted to now being the proud owner of my very own original mini painting by this amazing illustrator which you might actually know too. If not, check out her site!

the literary mind
Congrats to Alice Munro for winning this years' Nobel Prize in Literature! Of course I'm a bit of a literary philistine as I've never, if memory serves me right, read a book by any previous winner. No, wait, I think I might have been forced to read some while in school. Overall a sad state of affairs, I know. Maybe now that old age is setting in I am finally ready for some more substantial reads than, say, my beloved cozy mysteries. Which Nobel Prize winning authors have you read? Any recommendations?

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  1. I was forced to read Heinrich Böll and Günter Grass in school. Recently I have read A Mercy by Toni Morrison and liked it pretty much.