October 27, 2013

The Sunday Book Branch

Duma Key (Stephen King), German Ed.
the reading nook
Much to my own surprise I picked up a fat and heavy tome this week. I figured, the lousier the weather, the more reading I will get done. Was I right with that presumption? Of course. And which book did I pick? I'll give you a hint - the author started out with short-stories, but has evolved to a state where he (probably) couldn't write short stories (or books) if his life depended on it. Yes, good old Stephen King! Ohhh ... and finishing this book meant that I've reached my final level in the Tea & Books Reading Challenge, woohoo!

the writing desk
When your keyboard is getting dusty and your pen still looks like new, your writing might sound rusty as if you haven't got a clue. And it only took me 10 seconds to come up with that rhyme. Not too shabby! What I'm trying to say is, sometimes we need to hone our talents or simply have to kick-start out creative flow a bit. Well, I've got two great recommendations for you today - Daily Writing Prompts and Flash Fiction Photo Prompt. Now let's give our writerly inclined minds some work-out!

the wishing tree
It's all about our Daily Rituals. Or habits. And routines. They make our world go round, get the mind in motion. Not sure where my own place is between Freud's 16 hours days and Gertrude Stein's 30 minutes of writing, but I love the promise of insights into those creative minds and personalities. My ritual of choice? Going to bed with a book every day.

the book hoarder
Guess who went on a lil' shopping spree at AwesomeBooks this week? Over the course of several days and three orders amounting to a total of 22 books *eeek* - including four books from my wishlist which have all been published this year and which are usually real hard to come by for such a super-duper cheap price - I'm about ready to admit that I might have overdone this a wee bit. Anyway, as those are still on their way to my doorstep, how about sharing something else I received this week? I recently purchased a bookish sticker grab bag from Bookish on Etsy and they are truly awesome! 

the literary mind
Imagine you could only read books by one particular author for the rest of your life! All right, let that idea sink in for a moment or two. Me? I'm cowering in a corner babbling to myself like a lunatic at the thought of not having the choice of whose books to read. I mean, it'd have to be a pretty amazing author and even more so (s)he'd have to write a lot to keep me entertained, that's for sure. Could you imagine reading books by one author only until you die?

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  1. ^^ i still haven't given awesomesbook a try but i should i guess^^ i hope you will enjoy those you got/will get
    and no i'm not sure only one author could keep me happy because it depends on my mood and i need variety^^