November 3, 2013

The Sunday Book Branch

Kind Regards (Liz Williams)
The Victorian City (Judith Flanders)
the reading nook
As I haven't stuck my nose into anything that isn't fiction lately I figured I should put a non in front of the fiction of this week's reading fare. So I stuck my nose, though not between pages, onto the screen of my Kindle and read up on letter writing and the good old Victorian times. The first was all too fluffy and insubstantial, yet the journey through the streets of London in the 19th century has been a real treasure (recommended not just for Dickens' fans).

the writing desk
It has begun. NaNoWriMo. The month of writing 50.000 words. How hard can it be? Sit a chimp in front of a typewriter and you'll have that word count in no time. Of course, the literary merit will probably not be worth mentioning. But, if a monkey can do it, so can I. Maybe this isn't the time and place to mention that, out of habit, I always open bananas at the wrong end. Let's hold that thought. I think I can work with this. Yep, I'm one of those weird people who can find a good story in pretty much everything. Including opening a banana. 

the wishing tree
I love to read. I love to write. And I especially love to read about writing in my bed. You could say I am a lot like the Writers Between the Covers despite the lack of anything even remotely scandalous in my life. Who knows, by the end of the book I might be like Agatha Christie who just sparked the largest-ever manhunt in England as her marriage fell apart. First though, I might want to get married. *wink*

the book hoarder
A tiny portion of my recent shopping splurge at AwesomeBooks rolled in this week, but I've decided to wait with showing off that particular book mountain (trust me, it simply would not qualify for a heap or hill anymore) until they've all made their way into my mailbox or rather, until my mailman, bless him, has hauled them all up onto the third floor. I should think that man will have well trained leg muscles by the time he delivered them all. 

the literary mind
Oh to be a child again ... and go trick-or-treatin'! Of course, where I live, Halloween has only become the rage in recent years and no kids ever ended up knocking on my door. Though, if they did, I wouldn't hand out sweets, instead I'd give them something to read (not the backside of the candy bar wrapper, mind you). Books instead of sweets! How's that for a change? Better than toothpaste and carrots, I reckon. What do you think of my idea to hand out books (and maybe some chocolate too for good measure) on Halloween?

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  1. Good luck with your writing! I think it's an incredibly impressive thing to attempt and hope you have fun doing it :)