November 17, 2013

The Sunday Book Branch

the reading nook
After deciding to polish off some more cozy mysteries this month I went for some knittingly unexciting fluff this week. This doesn't mean the books are the literary version of sleeping pills, they are simply of the variety that won't get your heartrate up (much). Admittedly they didn't quite live up to my expectations after reading the first book of The Knitting Mysteries some time ago, but sometimes brain candy like that is just what the doctor ordered.

A Deadly Yarn / A Killer Stitch / Fleece Navidad (Maggie Sefton)
the writing desk
Writers Write. Or so they should. Unless they are wading knee-deep through the swampy pool of procrastination. But let's not digress. Being one of my favorite writerly websites out there, I thought I need to share it with you. It's fun, it's inspirational, it's helpful, and it's definitely one of my main sources for filling up my Writing Thingys board on Pinterest.
Reading tip: Do you ever feel like the author of the book you are reading is trying to kill you?

the wishing tree
Before you start wondering who's taken over my blog (or worse, my mind) rest assured that it's still same ol' me. I've always loved to read up on the history of things and that includes *gulp* venturing out of veggie-land into the realm of carnivores. In Meat We Trust showcases North America as meat-eater's paradise while back in good old Europe folks had to mostly resort to potatoes and turnips. Interesting vantage point, for sure!

the book hoarder
Still waiting for two more books to arrive. Don't I hate that. Instant gratification denied. Hear me grumble. That being said (or rather, grumbled) I already have two nicely stacked, well, book stacks sitting next to my computer desk just waiting to be completed by their still lost brothers (I'm referring to them as boys as their authors are male, just in case you were wondering). When that moment arrives I will get out my camera and show 'em all off. Finally.

the literary mind
Apropos of nothing I've been wondering about the biggest amount of books I ever bought in one go. Strangely, and after some serious contemplation of the matter, I came to the surprising conclusion that despite mostly resorting to online book buying these days (which makes the whole book splurging a lot easier as it isn't me who needs to carry them all the way to my door step), my grand days of hauling home multiple bags filled with books are long gone, namely when I was still at Uni, often using breaks to browse through sales-bins in bookshops. A rough estimate? I'm fairly sure I managed to buy more than twenty books on a good day. How many books have you ever purchased at once? Anyone hitting triple digits maybe?

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