December 1, 2013

TEA & BOOKS Reading Challenge

Time's running out, but you're (hopefully) not running out of reading material so close to the end (of the year and this challenge). Did you polish off plenty of heavy tomes? Good for you. Is there still an unfinished chunkster on your bedside table? You're excused then - so go on and read!

After reaching my chosen level already by mid-year, and successfully upgrading to the next level, a fact I never grow tired of mentioning, I hope that many of you enjoyed to plow through those big books as much as I did. Obviously I hope that everyone will have reached (or soonish, anyway) their personal goal and even if you never quite made it past the first level this is still an achievement worthy of, let me think, going on a book buying splurge! Still struggling with book one? That's tough, but don't give up and keep in mind you've still got all of December to stick your nose between those (many) pages.

Curious about who is participating in the challenge? Go here.

This has been the last update in this challenge, but there will be a final post on December 29th.

Time to share your thoughts, struggles, and great readerly moments in this challenge with all of us! Comment away. 


  1. I don't think I'll ever run out of reading material!!! I'm feeling very pleased with myself because I've now completed the next level - that is the Earl Grey Tea Aficionardo Level, as I finished reading Gone with the Wind in November - hurray!

  2. I haven't written about it on my blog yet, but I finished my 2nd doorstop of a book for 2014 which completes my goal. Over 1000 pages on the (Fascinating!) life of Eleanor Roosevelt.

  3. I've just updated my challenge page and am happy to say that I reached the Earl Gray level. Yay! I was 43 pages short of reaching Sencha Connoisseur (two of my books were just shy of the 1200 page mark). But considering my goal was Berry Tea Devotee, I am happy with a cup of Earl Gray.

    My Challenge Page

  4. Oh man! I missed this! I'm sad to say that I've kind of fallen off the reading wagon! I usually read at least one book a week, but my time management skills have seemingly, disappeared since I went back to work! Trying to re-configure my life to allow for more books! I'm also getting ready to start writing my second novel and will need to do considerable research for that! Gah! Maybe this time next year (or so) people will have a selection of my own books to read for your challenges!
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    1. It's never too late to jump on the "Let's read heavy tomes and sip copious amounts of tea"-wagon and while I won't be hosting the challenge again this year, you can always challenge yourself!
      Happy reading AND happy writing to you!