December 1, 2013

THIS ISN'T FICTION Reading Challenge

Let's right cut to the chase. One more month. Four more weeks. Did this just get your heart-rate up? Well then go away and read. Are you sitting back, quite relaxes? Good job on reaching your chosen level in this year's This isn't Fiction Reading Challenge!

I'm not going to repeat myself, making a point of how I already reached the highest level after only six months, but *oops* it looks as though I just did. Joking aside, some of you already commented previously about reaching their personal goal, so a big round of applause for those readers among us, please. Everyone who's still struggling, maybe getting to one level, but not quite to the next one, don't fret (too much), because this is still a great achievement. Plus, as mentioned before - one more month to go, so you might just make it over the finish lines too!

Curious about who is participating in the challenge? Go here.

This has been the last update in this challenge, but there will be a final post on December 29th.

Time to share your thoughts, struggles, and great readerly moments in this challenge with everyone! Comment away.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not doing as well with this as I am with the Tea and Books challenge, with only 9 non fiction read this year so far. I should manage one more, maybe, by the end of the year.