May 5, 2014

A sloth now resides on my bookshelves ...

Before animal welfare starts breathing down my neck, let me explain. That sloth is obviously a metaphorical creature who's made himself quite comfy on my bookshelves. The most he'll do all day long, except for general slothing around, is plucking off leaves off my ficus tree which, as I'd like to add, already looks like it's priming for Halloween. Occasionally Mr Sloth - after living with me for several weeks now, he certainly deserved a name, not as though he'd actually listen up when I talk to him - will swing his lithe body from one shelf to the next, remove a bit of dust with his butt, and remain in his slothy position for the rest of the day (or week, in some cases, this usually depends whether the ficus tree is still only an arm-length away).

Now, the interesting question would have to be how Mr Sloth came to live with me. Any wild guesses? I know what you're thinking - how did a sloth enter my apartment? A valid but unfortunately wrong question. The real question being - how come there's room for Mr Sloth on those book shelves?
To (finally) get to the point, the reason why there's available shelf-space in my humble abode is the frightening fact that I haven't bought any books in not just weeks, but months. And it's not as though I'd be on a book-buying-ban or flat broke to explain this. One day I woke up, and realized I hadn't added any new books to my TBR piles in a very long time. Not to say that the shrinking of said piles wasn't a dead giveaway that somethings awry. Of course I've read quite a number of books this year, but I felt next to no motivation to do the Sisyphus routine of reading one and adding two. I never managed to make a diet work for me. Then this involuntary book-shelf diet came along and apparently works like a charm.

To make matters worse, and it probably goes without saying that the unplanned waiver of book acquisition already made things go a bit downhill, bookishly speaking, I found myself in a total and complete reading slump. Now that pretty much equals hitting rock bottom. This unexpected state of affairs (and mind) only set in maybe two or three weeks ago. At first I tried to fight it and slouched halfheartedly through some books, until I bravely called it quits. Funny thing, around the same time I realized I wanted to go back to book blogging. It's almost as if I have lost the capacity to do both reading and writing at the same time. Well, not at the same time, but you know what I mean. Mr Sloth is rubbing off his slothy nature on me, and my only hope is that he'll move out, once he's finished with that ficus tree. Ever the optimist, that'd be me.

Of course, looking at the whole scenario objectively, it's far from the end of the world. Not buying books by the dozen? Big deal, still plenty to read. A little reading fast? That hasn't killed anyone either, at least not that I'd heard of. It's just so weird and unusual for me that it took me by complete surprise. There's not just a sloth sitting on those book-shelves, there's another one looking back at me when I look into the mirror. If you can't get rid of it, you'll have to live with it, right? Besides, there aren't all that many leaves left on that ficus tree anyway.

Have you ever experienced something similar? No motivation to buy new books and/or finding no pleasure in reading? If so, how did you cope, or rather, get back into that bookish saddle? Please share.


  1. hum... i can't say lately i've lost a little reading motivation but what makes things worse is... that i don't even mange to write the review for the one i did read ( and usually i read then write teh review before starting another book so i'm kind of blocked) not buyiong new books... oh that's started month ago and still do^^;; i'm so behind in series it's frigtebning but my pile didn't diminish because i was lucky to get some during my month birthday and more than i read that month so the pile has grown nothing drastic but i want to read those i just can't at teh moment.

    i guess we are trying to see how our energy works better..; our mind taking a little reprieve but like you say nothing dramatic... i'm sure we will find pleasure reading soon and i will put aside the copy of teh book we spoke about for you when i send you next package^^... i think i will try a little reorganisation of my shelves perhaps i need order and that way i will find back copy io forgot about but really wanted to read we never know what teh declic will be

    1. Let's see ... I haven't read in about a week and so far I'm not missing it. More importantly I don't feel guilty about not reading. After all, if reading starts feeling like a chore you're doing it wrong. Maybe I really just need a little breather and I'm fairly sure that in a few weeks I will be back to my old reading habits as if nothing had happened. Actually I'm looking forward to that and right now it's simply a vacation from books I'm taking.

      P.S.: I should sort through my TBR piles too, maybe there are books hiding that wet my appetite after all!

  2. I get that feeling a few times a year - it usually coinsides with my depression - and then I find that I sit and watch old TV-series for weeks instead. For me, books always offer new insight och meaning; I get introduced to new things and I think, feel and experience them through the books, which is something I don't want to do when depressed - wheareas old series offer comfort because I know what's going to happen.

    Usually, though, I work through the depression and find the joy of reading again and it tends to start with either a re-read of a favourite book or something short and light-hearted. Perhaps you could try a collection of short stories, or a graphic novel, a humouristic novel, or maybe a play (if you read those). The worst thing to do, I have found, is to try to force it.

    Sloths are cute creatures, but those talons.

    1. Funny you should mention watching old TV series, because this is what I've been doing a lot lately. Two words. Buffy marathon. Good ol' brain candy.
      I like your idea about re-reading favorites, but I'm certainly not going to force anything. So let's wait and see when I will feel like putting on those reading glasses again. Until then, it's Buffy time for me. Though I might be throwing in some episodes of Home Improvement or I Dream of Jeannie too.

    2. This is eerie because I have been considering starting my annual Buffy marathon this weekend. I usually watch seasons 4-7 first and then go back to 1-3. I get impatient because I hated Angel and just want to get to all the Buffy and Spike love asap :)

      I watched I Dream of Jeannie when I was younger and haven't thought about it since. May have to re-watch that sometime soon.

    3. Stop considering, start watching. And you're also Team Spike? Of course you are, after all, great minds and all that. But seriously - I always preferred the whole Buffy & Spike relationship to the one with Angel. Not saying I hate Angel, because I also like to watch the spin-off and his character does get the chance to develop there, but bottom line - Spike rocks!