May 2, 2014

Non-Fiction Fare For The Hungry Reader

The Kitchen Magpie: A Delicious Melange of Culinary Curiosities, Fascinating Facts, Amazing Anecdotes and Expert Tips for the Food-lover (James Steen)
May 1st 2014, Icon Books

Join award-winning writer James Steen for a feast of food and drink facts and culinary curiosities.
Delving into forgotten corners of gastronomic history, Steen reveals what Parmesan has to do with broken bones and why John Wayne kept a cow in a hotel. Laying bare the secrets of the kitchen, he concocts the ultimate hangover cure and explains how to cook perfect rib of beef with the oven off.
With much-loved cooks including Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood sharing passion and know-how, this mouth-watering miscellany will sate the appetite of every kitchen dweller, from the masterful expert to the earnest apprentice.
James Steen is an award-winning journalist, food writer, author and ghostwriter. He has a deep fascination for both the cook and cooking, and collaborates with great chefs. 


  1. This sounds like an interesting book. Perhaps a good book to pair with the coffee table book I just reviewed, since both include food and fun facts :)

    1. Those two would certainly make a great pair! The only question that remains - who's going to do the cooking while we read? ;-)