May 7, 2014

Which [book of choice] character are you?

As it so happens, we sometimes have a spare minute or two between chapters, so how about spending them by doing some fun bookish quizzes?

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Which Hunger Games Character Are You?
Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You?

If memory serves, I ended up with different results the first time I tried these quizzes (then again, I might have retaken some of them a couple times - but certainly not more than maybe three to seven times - to be, say, Katniss Everdeen). Today I took each quiz just once and was rewarded with an all male cast (admittedly the fact that they all wear their hair long is a bit of a consolation). And is it just me or are they all a bit on the grumpy side with a dash of quirkiness? Hmmm ...

Which characters did you get as results? Did you take the quizzes more than just once to see what other results you might get? I promise I won't judge you for that.


  1. I only tried once because i'm really behind schedule already and this can get addictive
    for lord of the ring i'm arwen ( *so proud*)
    harry potter: i'm harry ( really? oki i can be a rebel so problem with authority but a born leader...what do i get that in so many different qizz)
    hunger game ( which i haven't read or see by the way):Primrose everdeen ( she sound good.... i think^^;;)

    1. You're a little rebel, aren't you? I like that in a person. And I can hardly believe you haven't read The Hunger Games (well, it's not the genre you usually read), but Primrose is a neat result. She's Katniss' little sister and despite my joke above, when I first took the quiz I really did get Katniss Everdeen as result and I did NOT retake the quiz a gazillion times. As for Harry Potter I got Luna Lovegood the first time I took the quiz back in February or so. I guess my results change with the season, hahaha!

  2. I got Severus Snape (yay), Johanna Mason (whom I don't remember from the books, but the description was on point) and Legolas (yay)!