June 30, 2014

Let's enter the library by reading about it!

As I watch my piles of unread books diminish and considering my soft spot for everything book-shaped that isn't fiction, I found myself pondering in which direction my reading journey should take me next.

Books. Why not start at the beginning? Or maybe we shall skip the whole delivery-room scenario of giving birth to fat and heavy tomes *ouch* and focus on the time when those wee little picture books have finally grown up and moved out. Where do books go from there? Except for our own bookshelves, obviously. Into libraries. A somewhat crowded yet good home. Given how my town seriously lacks a decent one and commuting all the way to Vienna isn't all that appealing to me, I let my mind wander. Sort of taking a bookish kind of long-distance trip to far away lands, if you will. I've read books about books, but strangely I've never read about libraries. So I did a little research aka browsing on Goodreads and found quite a number of interesting reads, some of which making themselves at home on my wishlist ...

The Library: An Illustrated History (Stuart A.P. Murray and Stuart Murray)
The Library Book (Alan Bennett et al)
Library: An Unquiet History (Matthew Battles)
Libraries (Candida Höfer)

Have you read any of these books and if so, how did you like them? Maybe there are non-fiction reads you'd like to add to the ones above? Please share.

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