July 21, 2014

You really shouldn't buy that book!

Now who doesn't like to indulge in some book buying splurges? Show of hands ... none. Thought so. Still, sometimes you might want to consider peeling your greedy fingers from that brand-new collector's edition with the awesomely beautiful new cover design and not make a purchase. *gasp*

Let me present you my TOP FIVE reasons why you should refrain from buying a book. Not to be taken all that seriously, and totally random ...

You: My dog ate my copy of [insert title of one of your favorite books]!
Me: You should be rushing the poor pup to the vet, not hit a bookstore. Especially if the pooch chewed up the eBook version and now needs to digest your Kindle.

You: My cherished copy of [insert title of your all-time favorite book ever] fell apart after the 137th read.
Me: That only lends charm to the old tome, so don't fret. Besides, a roll of Scotch tape might just do the trick and is so much cheaper than actually buying a new book.

You: I just can't decide which books to take with me on vacation, so I need to purchase eBook versions of the whole lot of them to take with me.
Me: I hate to break it to you, but doing that is totally redundant as this mass book buying means you won't be able to afford a vacation for the next decade.

You: My sanity depends on reading [insert title of random book that came to mind while you were absentmindedly chewing your breakfast cereal] but I just can't find it among the mountain ranges of unread books.
Me: A new copy of a book you already own? I think not. Now that you've had a hearty breakfast, why don't you start digging through your unread book piles to find that book.

You: I inherited this huge mansion with its very own library and need to fill those empty shelves.
Me: All right, the last thing you should do now is rush to a bookstore. Instead, hire me as your personal librarian. I'll do the book shopping for you then. *wink*

Tell me, have you ever resorted to one of these "excuses" for book buying? Maybe you'd like to add another scenario to this list? Please share.

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  1. no none of these scenario thankfully but the one for being sure to get something for birthday ( or christmas) and then i checked all bookstore and second hand bookstore in hope to find the gift for myself ( thankfully this year it wasbn't needed as i knew i wasn't forgotten * hugs*) ok often i couldn't find anything at all and it wasn't huge when i did find one but then ^^ i wouldn't have minded

    ( my dog knows that books mean cuddling together time so he wouldn't dare to hurt them^^ good puppy^^)