August 25, 2014

Monday Five's - Embark on a non-fiction adventure!

Soft spot for non-fiction? That would be me. Time and again I've been asked about reading recommendations in general, but as it turns out one of the most prevalent questions seems to be about the best way to approach the (for some folks) unfamiliar territory of non-fiction in the first place. Not to worry, I'm here to help you slowly ease yourself into reading books that put a non in front of the fiction. Being willing to dip your toes into non-fiction waters is certainly a good start, but sometimes it's not that easy to make those first steps. So I figured it was high time I offered a few suggestions that might wet your appetite for some un-fictitious fare.

Stay on familiar turf aka in the realm of your preferred genre(s).
Like science fiction? Go where you haven't gone before.*
Like historical romance? Read up on the good ol' times then. 

Read magazine articles before going for the big tomes.

Make it a cinematic event by watching documentaries on TV or at your nearest IMAX theater.

For a more tactile experience visit museums or exhibitions.
Don't forget to take a brochure or catalog with you afterwards.

Expand your hobbies by doing some background reading.
Think travel guides or cook books (yep, those qualify as non-fiction too).

* the popular science section of your local library or, if you're really daring, head straight for the astronomy stacks

How do you like my suggestions? Do you think they might help you to grow a liking to non-fiction after all? Or in case you're already a big fan of everything that isn't fiction - is there any tip/idea you'd like to add? Please share.

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